Monster School Minecraft

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The game is a simulator of a monster school for different creatures. The students are different monsters of various types and species. Usually, they are described as evil creatures in books, movies, cartoons, and games. But in fact, they are kind and friendly and never argue with each other. In this game, the player can interact with them and play different games. But as it is a sandbox, one can also create their own stuff. For example, if the player does not like the school building, they can change its color, the number of the floors, furniture, and so on. Additionally, they can totally rebuild it and make it a suitable place for all monsters. First of all, they need to imagine what the school will look like. After that, they need to construct it. But wait! No one can build something without materials! So, the player must go and find the resources for the building. It must be wood, metal, sand, glass, and so on. They can be found in different places like the forest where it is easy to find the needed thing. But some of them are hidden deep in the ground. So it is necessary to dig a hole first.

The students are not the only creatures here – this world is also full of animals and other creatures. Here one can find even the evil monsters that try to attack the player when they see them. To deal with them the player needs to create a weapon that can be useful to fight the enemies. Each weapon has its own features and should be used for its purpose. If the enemy kills you, the game is over. Despite this fact, there are some nice creatures too – foxes, dogs, rabbits, cats, etc. The player can pet them and play with them.

The gameplay is very simple. One can move using the standard key with the arrows or the buttons W, S, A, and D on their keyboard. To grab something they should youse the mouse – they need just click with it. If they need to look around, they can just rotate the camera with the mouse and they will be able to see what they need.

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