Monster School Granny

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The school for monsters, in fact, is quite an ordinary thing. Even the monsters must study, get marks, and have exams. In this school, one can meet mummies, zombies, vampires, and so on. Despite they are differences, they are friends anyway. It is not common here to argue because of one’s difference. And everything was quite calm and normal. Until the day when the new monster came to the school. She looked like an ugly old lady – this appearance won’t scare students who are used to strange things. But her behavior was even worse. She began trying to catch the students and kill them! It is ridiculous!

Now the students need to hide from her. There are many places at school that can be used to hide – wardrobes, beds, cupboards. They can also hide in the old classrooms or under the desks. It is not a problem. The main problem is her ability to hear everything. It looks like she hears even the breathing of the student. So that’s why they must be quiet. The main task will be to hide from the evil monster for as long as possible. You can also try to hit her with a hammer – it will not stop her but she won’t move for 15 seconds. You can use this time to run away.

The controls in this game are quite simple and easy. As the game is based on the other famous game, you need to use the same settings. If you want to move, use the «W, S, A, D» buttons. Additionally, you can use the keys with the arrows. To move the camera just try to move your mouse. The mouse buttons will let you grab things and throw them. When you are ready, start the challenge and run from the monster. The first time, it may be really difficult and you will be caught by it. But do not worry because you can restart the game as many times as it is needed. Try to be quick and attentive to notice the monster when it is coming to you. When you see it – just run and try to hide somewhere.

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