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The students of the monsters school are very good friends. They like spending time together and one day they decided to play a game about weird evil robots that try to catch a player. It was very scary but nice anyway. The students enjoyed it very much. But suddenly something changed – the monsters from the game came to them! There are different robots like robot-bear or robot-fox. They do not look nice and friendly. Now the children need to run from them and hide.

During the game, you can hide everywhere in the house but the wardrobes are the most suitable for that purpose. The robots will search for you. If they find you, they will try to harm you and the game will be over. You can cooperate with friends and protect each other. For example, if the robot tries to harm your friend, you take a weapon and try to hit him. If you see the monster, begin to run from it. There are many places to hide, you can also try to open some doors – maybe a safe place is right there.

Youse your buttons with the arrows on the keyboard to move. If you rotate the mouse, you will also rotate a camera. So you can look around. The mouse can be also used to grab different stuff or to throw it into the robot. That is useful when you need to use a weapon.

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