Monster School Bottle Flip

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The school is not always a boring place with mad teachers and evil principals. Sometimes it is interesting, especially when it is a monster school. This school was created by monsters and for monsters. All the students here are creatures from famous horror games and movies. There are zombies, robots, vampires, and skeletons. All of them are ordinary students that study, have friends, and like enjoying their free time. Simultaneously, their school can not be called «just school». As it was made for monsters there are many secret locations full of mysteries here. And not everybody can come there.

So, what do the monsters like to do in their free time? Playing the games, of course! There are different games they like to play when they are not busy with their lessons and homework. They like different challenges but their favorite is a bottle flip. The students one by one threw the bottle. The bottle should be tossed so that it lands vertically. Some students try to do it with two bottles at the same time. In fact, this task is very difficult, because the bottle falls in the wrong way all the time. Some students even try to construct the tower with the bottles by throwing them.

Your character can also take a part in it. But first, let’s clear up how you can move in the game. Use the buttons with the arrows to move. You can also use the «W, S, A, D» keys. Move the mouse to move the camera. The space bar will make your character jump. Grab the bottle by clicking the mouse and try to throw it correctly. It is possible that for the first time you will lose. Do not worry – just take a bottle and try to do it one more time. Repeat the actions as many times as it is needed. If you practice enough, you will succeed in it.

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