Monster School Backrooms

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The school of the monsters sounds like something very weird and unusual. Well, it is so. It is a nice place where all the monsters can be themselves. They do not need to hide or be scared that someone wants to harm them – here they are safe. But what if there are more weird places suitable for strange creatures and events? One of them is a backroom – the place, where the reality is totally changed. What does it look like? It is extremely different all the time. There are many levels here, each of them is unique. But usually, all wonderers begin with the first level with yellow wallpapers and bad light. Here one can find lots of doors, an infinite corridor with no windows. Some of the doors have the other universes behind them, the others just hide the wall.

Now the students of the monster school are in the backroom and they need to find their way home. They do not remember how did they get here. Usually, people and monsters can suddenly fall through the edge of space and find themselves in this place. So, the students started searching but suddenly they heard a weird sound – the huge monster was coming! It doesn’t look friendly so now the children need to run from it. Help them to survive and to find their way back to our world!

Use the buttons the «W, S, A, D» on your keyboard. As an alternative, you can use the keys with the arrows. To look around, try to move the camera with the mouse. The keys on the mouse will let you interact with the objects – for example, to open the door.

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