Monster School Among Us

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It was an ordinary day after school when the monsters that study there decided to chill a bit watching TV. Suddenly they saw that weird UFOs are flying above the town and stealing both people and monsters. They were scared but there was nothing they could do about it. They heard a strange sound outside the house and decided to look outside. They saw the UFO that stole them too! After a while, the monsters woke up in the weird room with the only laptop there. They decided to search for some information about this place but found different skins instead! They changed their appearance and after that, the room was opened. They saw the huge spaceship with many computers and gadgets.

Now they need to take care of the ship. They will repair it, look after oxygen systems, and so on. It would be a simple routine but there is one nuance – there is a murderer here and he tries to kill everyone on the spaceship! The friends must find him before he killed all the crew. He is very fast and knows how to hide. The only they know is that one of them is the betrayer. But who? Help them to find it out. Be careful and do not try to be alone for a long time – the murderer can’t deal with two crew members at the same time. When you see something suspicious, press the red button in the main room to gather all the crew. After that, you will decide what to do with the suspicious character. Usually, you throw it out of the ship. But what if you made a mistake and the murderer is still near? Then you are still in danger. He still can harm anyone on the crew. You must find the murderer very fast, otherwise, you all be killed and lose the game.

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