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Welcome to the school of the monsters where all creatures are equal. Here you will meet different characters from horror games, books, movies, cartoons, and comics. Additionally, you can create your personal character. Despite the fact that all students are monsters, they are still normal guys that like to play together, watch movies, and enjoy their free time. They are getting into adventures all the time! Sometimes they run from the evil granny that wants to catch them. The other day they fight with robots and zombies. But they also like to entertain themselves with such games as football or challenges with the bottle. They behave like ordinary kids at school.

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This world is very flexible and you can customize it as you want. You can rebuild the school, dig a hole in the other world, and play with animals. In fact, although it is possible to do different stuff here, it is still not easy sometimes. For example, if you want to construct a building for a different purpose, you need to find the resources that are needed – glass, metal, stone, wood, and so on. Only after gathering the right materials, you can begin the building of the new nouse or school. Remember that there also are some creatures that are not friendly. They are monsters too, but they like to harm others. In this game, each character has their own health points. You need to control your number of points – if it falls to zero, you will lose the game and die. The same case is with monsters – to defeat them one must reduce their health level. To do it one should make up a weapon and fight with these creatures. The game has a multiplayer so you can do it with your friends or other people on the internet. You can also exchange the resources you found to get the new materials. It will let to build something new. One more interesting thing – the game has different seasons, night, and day. It means that there is inner time in this universe. It is a bit different than ours because it is faster. During each season you can do various types of activities and play different games.

Last but not least – the controls. Use the buttons with the arrows to move your character. Click the mouse to grab things and move it to rotate the camera. So the game is really simple and easy. If you like this game and want to play more, you can look up some games on our website – here we have a big library of various games of different genres. Each of them has a unique plot and gameplay.

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